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Drawing the Landscape: Composition and Linear Expression Workshop (In-Person)

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Room 610
Historic Landmark Building
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Michelle Oosterbaan art

Session 1: Oct 28 - 29th, 2023
Sun and Sat from 10:00 am-4:00 pm

Instructor: Michelle Oosterbaan 
Credit: Non-Credit Only 

Line is the fundamental element in drawing, capable of a wide range of aesthetic possibilities, from describing shape to creating space and atmospheric effects. Capture the landscape though descriptive and expressive drawn line in this indoor studio workshop. Instruction will examine varying quality and character of line, as well as how it serves to define positive and negative space – the active/focal elements and surrounding spaces – as an all-important means of establishing balance, focus, and visual order in any composition. Learn to achieve a variety of subtle and striking effects by using conte crayon, ink and brush, micron pen, and white paint. Students will work from their favorite travel/landscape photos, first to investigate mark-making with ink and brush, and then to hone hand/eye coordination toward image translation. Topics will include combining additive and subtractive techniques, perceiving Gestalt shape, and creating linear texture.

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Banner Image: Courtesy of Michelle Oosterbaan